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like in school organizations and to participate

I am for the undergraduate English major, with a special eight levels of English, have good oral and written English and translation capabilities. In addition, I majored in management in the UK financial professional with a master's degree, financial, management, marketing and logistics with a certain understanding. After graduation, I worked in the UK for some aspects of international trade and logistics about 7 months of work experience.With team spirit; responsible for the work will pay all their energy and enthusiasm, Perfect Wedding Table Center to develop careful plans; practical and sincere; in a relatively short period of time to adapt to high-pressure work.Have 5 years experiences on team built up and management. Understand the real meaning of team spirit and its power:
? Communication is soul.? Makes up a harmonious atmosphere in the team.
? Powerful executer.? More than 15 years experience working in MNC, aware of multi culture from different countries.
? More than 10 years experiences on channel sales management and channel development, know how to find suitable dealers and how to cooperate with them together to make good business, havOutstanding in the company to complete the task given above, skilled use of office software such as: word, excel, access, etc., familiar with MRP, through the National College English Test four, six, strong verbal and writing skills can read and write business correspondence.I am a serious and responsible work, initiative, good team of people, thinking, rigorous, high technology and expertise. In the retail and logistics, has a wealth of experience, particularly in relation to automated management. If you give me a chance, I will be your best employees.
Professional skills and expertise
1, the familiar brands of bar code equipment, applications for these devices, the use of a deep understanding;
2, in the retail, logistics and other industries the bar code has a deep understanding of the application, good at summing up and innovation, develop new applications point to capture the customer's point of application;
3, have some management experience, strong organizational planning, interpersonal communication skills and language skills, Perfect Wedding Table Center creative ideas and thinking and ideology;
4, healthy, cheerful, loyal and trustworthy, there is a strong team spirit and interpersonal communication and awareness, there is a strong independent processing transactions and organizational capabilities;A rich media experience, has worked in the Shanghai TV CBN channel, "the money by" magazine, Beijing TV,Polo Burberry CCTV2 other media worked. Six-year study in the British elite background, with the economy, management, media and other professional knowledge, strong sense of responsibility, hard working, can withstand strong pressure of work.
6 years of my life studying in the UK with good people from different parts of the world to communicate and exchange, in a speech every week during school, but let me quickly to improve communication and presentation skillsPolo Tommy ; emphasis on teamwork in the school collaboration with the students access to the report and professor of speech at home. Love writing, high school served as president of the Literary Society, also in Zhuhai Youth Daily published prose; organizational ability, like in school organizations and to participate in various cultural activities; childhood love of music, was a choir member of the city, good at playing the piano, playing the piano has always been to resolve by the pressure of learning; love sports, college was a tennis club members; in addition, I am always curious about new things

in Shenzhen Topstar Digital

Computer IT consumer electronics industry, multinational companies, retail, distribution, sales and sales management experience in the industry;
Before graduation, a year advertising sales and management experience; after graduation, more than a thousand scale foreign-owned IT companies, brand pioneering Sales Representative / Commissioner / Development Manager, Regional Manager / office manager, sales channels, department manager positions experience. Apple is currently engaged in mobile phone and computer products sales8 years in power tools, consumer electronics and accessories for research and development, proficient in the project development process and can be timely and effective solution to the problems encountered by them; all email communication with other departments and ISO DOCUMENT, DESIGN HAND BOOK, and all written by the English ; practitioners have accumulated a lot of material properties during the period, cost estimates, schedule, scheduling, manufacturing and processing, product improvement, safety regulations, quality control, incoming control other aspects of practical work experience; great team spirit.4 years quality management experience, including 3-year on-site management. Strong communication skills, good English. Responsible, careful work is responsible, honest, persistent and insisted that meaningful work to do. Familiar with quality management tools and can be applied, are familiar with TS16949, process, on-site quality control. Participated in iso9000, iso14000, ohsas18000 three systems training, TS16949 system and training five books, with internal auditors certificate and the assistant certificate. Modern Ocean Motif Familiar with SPC, ppap, FMEA, MSA, APQP. Was reading the Chinese People's MBA program.Has 4 years experience in foreign trade clothing with a single, familiar line of apparel and related trade of all plant operation processes;
Able to operate independently in all aspects of business, from the orders, do do, production to shipment, and the production of documents and invoices;
Clothing can offer independent and responsible and cost control;
Reading and writing skills with excellent listening, there is no problem with foreign e-mail communication, spoken language to be somewhat less, spoken English training courses currently on, hoping to breakthrough and achieve fluency with foreign exchange;
Cheerful prudent and realistic and carefully, to hard-working, self-motivated with a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;
Has a good affinity and interpersonal skills, able to quickly adapt to the work environment to effectively and timely completion of assigned tasks.Ralph Lauren Italy ASUS has just graduated into the Suzhou Group, in which 500 companies in the world gave me a chance to learn the system; let me know how it works, how to do things, how to get along, gave me a correct way of thinking, for my future work to lay a solid foundation.
I engaged in mold design work for a year and a half, for a variety of mold has a very strong understanding (including molding knowledge) due to hobbies I chose this line in institutional design, I like this line not only need a simple design also the need for better communication and coordination. Wedding Cakes Decoration Ideas
Wistron in Kunshan (NB the top three industry slowdowns) in NB notebook computer design agency, where I not only familiar with the institutional knowledge, and the whole development process has a deep Polo Ralph Lauren understanding; with the system learning in the development of this line lay the foundation for the development of more I'll set the direction.
Currently ==> in Shenzhen Topstar Digital (the largest NB ODM factory), so I have more in Topstar cost and quality consciousness , I am here on the role of the director's responsibilities for planning and organization of the entire case in here I realized the transition from technology to management, and enhance my ability to grasp the whole Council.
In order to develop better I am pleased to join into the potential of co-

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths

conscientious, Honest ,Innovative,independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment .lacoste polo shirts
Have coordination/communication skills, teamwork spirit. Studious nature and
dedication are my greatest strengths.ed hardy underwear
good at Proe/CAD.Annual outstanding staff ,monthly outstanding staff Skills &Knowledge:
1. Good knowledge of mechanical or power products .
2. Excellent English skills in both speaking and writing.
3. Strong communication & negotiation skills.
4. Knowledge in project management is an advantage.
Attitude:ed hardy trousers
Good teamwork spirit and sense of customer priorityed hardy hoodies, be able to work under high pressure.
Career Objective:polo shirts
project management or service managementyou are the only one who feels betrayed
the first time in my life
a plan to make all of this right

has the fervor

I am good at equipment maintenance、High-voltage system、Low-voltage system、clean room、HVAC、MCCB、VFD、PLC、UPS、Generator、Vacuum system、Transformer、DI water and so on.I also have strong abilities on work flow organization、leadership、EHS、energy saving、project management and ed hardy shirtsman management. A position as sales which will benefit from my 1 year of sales experience .I like sporting and making friend,because my character is honest and unclouded.ed hardy clothesI'm good at express myself and make others confide in me,so I keep a good business relationships.
The manner warm sincere, works is responsible fornike tn, the honest code of honor earnestly, has the sense of responsibility, ed hardyhas the fervor, has the team spirit.Has the strong study and accepts ability, nfl football jerseysthe aspect of knowledge broadly, enterprise.warm hand
She is the love of my life
What do you want from the future?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poll: Gamers more excited about Natal than Move, 3DS

With compelling devices on the way from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, gamers will soon be bombarded with all kinds of crazy new tech. something about skillHands-free gaming, improved motion-sensing, 3D on a handheld -- it's enough to make even the most casual player nervously excited.
But which future tech has them most excited?
We approached 430 men, women and wookies attending the recent Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Boston and asked them point blank: "Which interests you most: the Nintendo 3DS, Project Natal, or the Playstation Move?" happy new year
The winner? Give a hand to Project Natal, which scooped up a hearty 200 votes (47%). The Nintendo 3DS netted 94 (22%), while 72 (17%) chose the Playstation Move. The remaining 63 (15%) said they weren't interested in any of the three,my code here while one brave soul (.2%) said he was equally interested in all of them. We should point out that our sample was not random, but convenient. We spoke to people as the love of my lifethey stood in line, lounged on beanbag chairs, waited for food, and mingled in hallways. No labs were harmed (or used) in the making of this survey. Computer Technology
So why is Natal out front? Jason Della Rocca, formerly the head of the International Game Developers Association and currently an industry consultant for Perimeter Partners, pointed out that PAX attendees "are probably not representative of the population at large," a fact we agree with, especially when it comes to wookies. Still, he speculated that the numbers gap likely boiled down to marketing.
"Microsoft seems to be doing a really good job of pimping Natal," he said, while the 3DS "has simply had less time to build up interest."
Perhaps the most compelling argument in favor of Microsoft's controller-less controller came from showgoer Nick Bristow, who wanted to see the tech in the hands of the impressive Johnny Lee. Lee became a Youtube sensation when he reverse-engineered the Nintendo Wii to create a form of virtual 3D known as "head tracking." Lee has since been hired by Microsoft to work on Project Natal.


If the Natal can track where your head is looking at the screen, then it can create simulated 3D without buying a $3000 TV," Bristow said. A Midsummer Night's Dream
That would be cool, to be sure, but not everyone agrees that Natal is the one to beat. Chris Remo, editor at large for Gamasutra, was surprised by the gap between Natal and Sony's Move.
"The Move seems like a more useful the fifth floorand fruitful…peripheral," he said, noting that one that could easily be adapted to "new expanded audience stuff as well as existing hardcore games." He speculated that Project Natal, on the other hand, may have "more limited applications," although it benefits from being "the one that immediately conjures to mind what you'll be doing and what this thing looks like aA Different Storynd how you'll use it."A Midsummer Night's Dream
To Russ Frushtick, senior writer for MTV Multipgive me your songlayer, it's more a matter of new versus old. this is my code
"The positive response towards Natal has a lot to do with the promise that it's going to offer something no one has experienced yet," Frushtick said. "No matter how good the graphics are with Move, it's always going to be reminiscent of the Wii."
The crowd at PAX East was convinced that Project Natal has the most to offer, but all three companies still have plenty of time to gain -- or lose -- support. Sony needs to find an identity between now and the holidays, Microsoft needs to make sure they don't lose theirs, and no matter what we say, Nintendo is going to sell millions of 3DS's.
All that's left is for us to cast our vote, and we're most interested in all three. Guess that makes two of us

Self Assessment

* With 8-year work experience in supplynike running shoes chain to include: S&OP process, demand analysis, replenishment process, MRP2, Lean production, purchasing, order management, as well as warehousing, shipping and import/export operation.* Hand-on experience in supply chain re-engineering (oversea to China), ISO process system setup and new assembly line setup; Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and ISO Internal Auditor: accomplished 4 Six Sigma projects, 3 Lean workshops, and ISO 9001 certification project. Report To: Logistics & Purchase Manager (Great China) ed hardy shoes
- Arranged production schedule based on the demand from customer and supervised production and material status; handled oversea and local buying activities and sales order delivery. - Updated and maintained item master file and supplier master file in ERP system (Scala).
- Inventory reduction project (key implementer)north face jackets: improved purchasing strategy by implementing ABC analysis and adjusting re-order method; analysis excess stock and promoted company awarding scheme; Achievement: The project finally reduced inventory value by RMB 2, 000M in one year. Desired Job Industry:Automobile Instrument/Industry Automation/Electicity Electronics/Micro-electronics Aeronautics/Astronautics Telecommunications (Equipment/Operation/Value-Added Service)Desired Job Category:Sourcing Management/Logistic Management/Material Management Purchase Management Inventory Management Chief Engineer/Assistant Chief Engineer Supplier Quality Management/Meterial and Equipment QCDesired City:Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong KongDesired Salary: before tax RMBDesired Job Industry:Automobile ed hardy shoesInstrument/Industry Automation/Electicity Electronics/Micro-electronics Aeronautics/Astronautics Telecommunications (Equipment/Operation/Value-Added Service)Desired Job Category:Sourcing Management/Logistic Management/Material Management north face jacketsPurchase Management Inventory Management Chief Engineer/Assistant Chief Engineer Supplier Quality Management/Meterial and Equipment QC
Desired City:Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong KongDesired Salary: before tax RMB